Our program is personally designed with you in mind

There are three main components

Your Physicians


Weight Zero MD is a physician lead program who provides continuous medical supervision, follow up , and safe medications for weight management. Our doctors are experienced in helping people who are affected by obesity to lose weight. 

Your physician will drive the program, and will also coordinate as needed with your primary care physician. Our team of board-certified physicians will provide around-the-clock monitoring and care. This allows us to safely adjust your medications and care plan in real time. You will be connecting with the Obesity Specialist at least once every month in our clinic or through our platform and will have a follow up call.

  • Evidence-based interventions are delivered by a health care professional
  • Detailed, expanded sessions.
  • Our approach includes -

  1. Low Carb or ketogenic diets
  2. Intermittent Fasting
  3. Plant-Based Ketogenic diets
  4. Medications for weight loss.

Your Health Coach


You have a dedicated health coach who specializes in nutrition and behavior related to "food". Your coach is there to answer your questions, helps you form habits, and keeps you accountable. You will be constantly supported by your health coach who is your  nutritionist, accountability partner, and cheerleader! Your personal health coach closely works with you to help jump start weight loss, structure your dietary requirements, and is there for you when you need support and encouragement. Your health coach is your guide. Unlike traditional coaching services, where you only see your coach once a week or month, your Personal Health Coach is always just a text away!

Through the Virtual Clinic you'll have access to following:

  • Comprehensive meal plan and sample menus 
  • Integrated weight and goal tracking tools that allow our team to review real time progress. 

Your Virtual Clinic


Our mobile and desktop apps provide immediate access to care. Through our virtual clinic, Weight Zero MD, we offer a wide range of evidence-based treatment options to help you lose weight, including medically supervised meal replacement with nutritional and behavioral support. You work with a dedicated health coach who works on behavior modification and disease reversal though weight management.

Once in the program you'll receive all the program materials, including session guides,  lessons, references, and more

  •  A complete 20 session weight loss program designed for you.
  • Video tutorials on getting started 
  • Comprehensive reports 
  • Integrated tracking, so you can view your progress, weight logs, and SMART goals
  • Engaging videos and articles
  • Reminders and alerts for accountability helping you stay on track
    • and so much more

Monthly Subscription and What's Included?

Enrollment Fee

Your enrollment fee includes a consultation with your physician, consultation with health coach, and a starter kit. 

Your Starter Kit 

We will provide you with a starter kit and an app to track your progress. Our kit includes a remote monitoring scale, a blood pressure cuff for some patients, and a meter with glucose(for some patients) and ketone strips, lancets, and swabs.

Resources On-Demand

Private Weight Zero Community

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To Save Lives, To create evidence based, medically supervised weight management programs in order to increase life expectancy of our patients and also globally. 


 This page covers frequently asked questions on our treatment and the enrollment process. 


Advisory Board

Our advisory board consists of board certified physicians, health coaches, registered dietitians, as well as healthcare entrepreneurs. 

Advisory board


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