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Your Virtual Metabolic Clinic

Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Weight Zero MD is your virtual medical weight loss and diabetes reversal clinic that provides continuous medical supervision, lifestyle modfication aiming toward disease reversal, follow up , and safe medications for weight management.


Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Our mobile and desktop apps provide immediate access to care. But, we also will see our patients face-to-face in our clinic.


Personal Health Coach

Office or Virtual Clinic Access

Personal Health Coach

You have a dedicated health coach who specializes in nutrition and behavior related to "food". Your coach is there to answer your questions, helps you form habits, and keeps you accountable.

Your Virtual Clinic

Includes a Program supervised by your Metabolic/Obesity physician and includes structured program and materials

 An Individualized program created by your physician and medical team specifically for you. We're focussed on   optimizing your health through prevention, weight loss and personalized metabolic medicine.   

Your Health coach is there for you. Our program will include session guides, lessons, references, and more

  • A complete twenty session program fit for you.
  • Video tutorials on getting started 
  • Comprehensive reports 
  • Integrated tracking where you can view your progress, weight logs, SMART goals and more

material and community support


Resources On-demand

Private Weight Zero Community

Private Weight Zero Community


Private Weight Zero Community

Private Weight Zero Community

Private Weight Zero Community

A weight loss team you can trust

Weight loss can happen in the comfort of your home.

Let's first address why you might need our assistance.

Has your weight lead to medical problems? 

Diabetes, high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome are just a few examples. 

Weight Zero, MD is a medical weight management program designed around YOU.

Speak to a licensed doctor by web, phone or mobile app in minutes about your Weight Management. Our philosophy consists of combining nutrition, fitness, and medicine to help our patients achieve their healthiest and happiest state.  

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